Pro tips for SF music venues.

This article is a work in progress. Music venues have their strengths and weaknesses, and there are definitely some things I wish I knew in advance when attending a show at an unfamiliar venue. Here are some thoughts I've accumulated about venues that frequently host larger EDM events.

1. Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

1) When you enter the venue and want to use the restrooms, try going upstairs, not downstairs. Downstairs is an absolute shit show as everyone is piling into the venue.

2) The sound booth is an easy landmark on the ground floor. Makes it easy to find your friends if you set up camp 10 ft in front of the sound booth.

3) Bring a few of your own water bottle caps. Water bottles without caps are super annoying, and they enforce that strictly at Bill Graham.

4) If you checked a coat, go get it during the encore, or you'll be doomed to wait in line forever.

5) Shows at Bill Graham end notoriously early (roughly midnight). If you'd rather stay out until later, there are plenty of nearby clubs in SoMa that you can check out. My personal favorite is Monarch.

2. Ruby Skye

1) Love it or hate it, Ruby Skye is able to bring some pretty solid talent into the area. For more popular DJs, it's essential you get there early, as they have a tendency to process the line slowly; especially, on Thursdays when it's 18+. If you get there early on weekends, see the tip below.

2) On weekends, show up super early to get your stamp. From there, you can leave and come back at any point in the night and skip the line. This is my favorite way to pre-game at my favorite bars and show up at peak hours without having to worry about the line. (Note: This technique doesn't work during the week. E.g. a Thursdays show.)

3) During the slower months, Ruby tends to dole out tons of guest list opportunities. Sign up for their mailing list or download the Guest List Nation app to secure free guest list.

More coming soon!